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The Last Of The Buffalo Soldier
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Buffalo Soldier
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"Mr. White's extensive social contributions in both the United States and Germany and his autobiography Give Me My Spirit Back: The Last of the Buffalo Soldier are not only exceptional but most timely as we progress into the 21st Century embracing greater insights and implementation of each individuals responsibility toward uplifting human conditions and integration of perpetual social improvements."

Maximillian Press Publishers

"Major Cecil W. White has been outstanding in promoting integration of different ethnic racial groups throughout his life. He is a fine human being who was especially active promoting friendship and understanding between US Forces and the German Armed Forces. His book presents an interesting account of one of the last of the Buffalo soldiers . valuable to any civilian and especially military readers.

Prof. Dr. Graf P. von Zieten J.W, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany"

I have read the personal history of Major Cecil Ward White, major, United States Army, retired, entitled "Give Me My Spirit Back". The masterful design of the work should generate a rethinking, and appreciation, concerning many sociological and philosophical dilemmas existing in his country. The author is an "Officer and a Gentleman" in every" respect. He does not ignore his humble beginning. His rise to a leadership role in the greatest military establishment in the world gives promise to and appreciation of all Americans"

Marvin E. Moore, Jr., Retired University Professor of Educational Administration, Southern lllinois                    University at Carbondale